Follow the published narration and story of two friends traveling South, through 15 countries and two continents. From Ottawa Canada to Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rob and Nik are set to embark on a journey meant to take a year, to be completed in a mere 2 months.

January - March 2011 : A year in the making..

We promise this blog will not only be awesome to read, but PACKED with info on how to plan your own trip........

the RIGHT way.

With only two months to complete the trip, we'll be cramming in tons of VIDEOS, PICS and useful and hopefully funny info.

Stay tuned for the Extended Video Log on my YouTube Channel after the trip; this blog is only the beginning....

The Packing List

This is about as comprehensive a list as I'll get I think, its a good start to not having the room to carry all of it.

Necessary to Pack

One compass
Master guide
Bike Repair Manual
Medical Kit
Wall socket converter For Chile / Argentina = 220-240 V/ 50 HZ type C
Camera Case
Laptop + Charger
Razer + small cream
Hair gel?
Spare gas tank
Lots of oil
Usb stick
Second wallet
Aloe vera
Money belt
Visor cleaner

Personal Gear

Socks (3)
Underwear (2)
T-shirts (3)
Nice pair of pants (2)
Nice polo shirt (1)
Grooming items (soap, nail clippers, 12 volt razor, mirror, toilet paper)
Towel (1)
Wash Cloth (1)
Bathing suit (1)
Medium Backpack-waterproof w/camelback (1)
Sunglasses (1 pr)
Headlamp w/rechargeable batteries (1)


Bike security devices (?)

Digital camera w/rechargeable batteries (1)

Digital camera media reader (1)

Rechargeable battery charger (1)

English to Spanish dictionary (1)

Medication/First Aid

Water Iodine pills (1 bottle)

Isoprifin (1 bottle)

Insect repellent (1)

Liquid iodine (1 bottle)

Malaria pills (1 bottle) – buy in mexico because its a lot cheaper

Antibiotics (1)

Sun lotion (1)

Riding Gear

Hiking boots w/ankle support-waterproof (1 pr)
Ear plugs

Camping Gear

Tent-2 man, light weight (1)

Sleeping bag, light weight (1)

Sleeping mat (1)


Passport (1)

US Drivers License (1)

Motorcycle original title (1)

Registration (1)

Mexico bike insurance from AAA (1)

US medical insurance (1)

Immunization record (1)

Charge/Debit cards (3)

Documentation Copies

Passport copies (5)

Drivers License regular copies (15)

Motorcycle title regular copies (15)

Registration copies (15)

Immunization record copies (5)

Insurance, medical and bike copies (5)

Inner tube, front (1)
Inner tube, rear (1)
Front brake cable (1)
Rear brake cable (1)
Clutch plates
Brake pads, front (1)

Bolts and nuts for the bike (2 sets of each)

Brake fluid (1)
Chain lubricant
Fork seals

Motor oil (2)

Spark plugs (2)

Transparent fuel line 20 feet (1)

Fuel filter (1)

Light bulbs (1 ea.)

Tire valves and stem (4)

Zip ties, metal and plastic-different sizes (few)

Bungy cords (4)

Loctite-red (1)

Mini air pump

Flat tire inflatable foam

Motorcycle Tools

Tire changing tools (1)

Sparkplug tool (1)

Ratchet set (1)

Screwdrivers (different sizes)

Valve shims w/adjustment tools (1)

Tire repair kit (1)

Valve stem removal tool (1)

Tool kit from motorcycle (1)

Small utility knife (1)

Wire cutters/pliers (1)

Long needle-nose pliers (1)

Electrical tape