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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Tribute to Dan and his Camera Skills -Rob

This post I dedicate strictly to Dan Jones, our friend and fellow traveler. Since his accident, we've missed him. Tonight we bantered how he'd be here with us still, rushing through Ecuador, but having a blast doing it. By the following pics, you'll see what kind of fun we've been having along side him. We are both seriously pissed that the accident happened, but it's one of the risks, its one of the stories of the road. The pic's he has taken are both superior to mine professionally and skillfully. I only wish I could take these actions shots and scenery shots like he can; these pics will now be our true memories of the first part of South America. Sit back, enjoy, and if you want, mention a little something nice to Dan since he'll be reading this. Hurry up and get better Dan we're not that far ahead of you!

Note: These pics go from most recent to Panama, oops.

Dan's 650 V-Strom taking a break on a Colombian vista.

That's what it's looking at (I wish I could get that blue tint:( )

A local habitation

Taking a banana break in the nicest part of Colombia

Go Nik GO!!!

Nik smiling because the rain finally stopped, and he finally stopped being cheap and bought himself a rainsuit

I wish I had more local people pics

Fitting some washers and bolts on my back swing arm, with the usual audience overlooking

More vistas

40 bananas for $1.00 AHAHAHAHA WINNNNNN
I'm happy because my ass hurts on the bike, and I finally get a break
The fancy financial building well known in Medellin and visible from just about anywhere

Up we go the Metro Cable

His pics beat mine badly


The weirdest bug of the trip so far. Quite the eater.

Neat buses that travel the mountain tops

You don't mess with this tree

Our most decent pic!

Our least decent pic.....pole dancers...ugh

The view of the city

Another viewww

One of my favourites; this is the face I make on every road...

And this is how I take my corners

We're the happiest travelers on the road

The first time we've had to wait on this trip

We think we're so cool, all the time

Awesome action shot; fixing the bike on Main Street, Turbo

Thankfully no one had sticky fingers and nabbed anything

Shoes shoes shoes, most fake and knockoffs

The night of the launchers...all you hear is "whiskey whiskey, rum, rum, por favor!!"

Nik's priceless response

But all was well in the end when we gave them 5-6 litres of booze

Here come the money shots, beautifulllll

More more more

I took this one!!! The skill is in the cam!!

Dan's our best piliot, the captain's downstairs drinking his life away

Another pic opf our sunset, whose is better?!?!

Rusty piece of sh17

Well thanks Dan!!! Through these pics we'll remember you!!! Hurry up and add me on facebook, there's too many Dan Jones' in the world.

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  1. hey rob! ive been following every post. love the pics and am living through your blog. sounds like you're having a blast. be safe!

    and to dan....get well. your pics are amazing too!