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January - March 2011 : A year in the making..

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And on the 7th Day, We Rested - Rob

So it's been a week! One helluva long one, these past seven days already make it feel like a month. It's actually hard to count the days, I keep having to look at the computer date to make sure what's going on. So we've traveled almost 5000 km this week. We thought it would be nice to take a day off and rest up for the next leg. Plus it didn't help with Nik's infection.  (read more below in Niks post).

Veracruz seems like the perfect place to take a rest, mind you, its more expensive than  every other place we've been to so far. The hotel is cheaper, but its more of a hostel than anything. I'm uploading some videos finally from earlier in the trip, but the problem is my Canon's HD video means my uploads of 500 megabytes tend to take about 5 hours each, so perhaps in the next post.

I haven't really mentioned the topes (speed bumps) too much because everyone else complains about it, but yeah, theres reason to complain. Most of them are marked pretty well, but suddenly you're minding your business and looking at the scenery when BAM, the 200 pounds of extra weight we're carrying goes flying, threatening the tires and shocks and whatever else we need to preserve.

Speaking of bikes, it's my turn to take the hit, after tightening the chain yesterday morning before we left, it still made some grinding noises, as if it were too tight. As the day progressed i'm building up some red dust from the front sprocket area, with what looks like bits of chain metal sprinkled around the swing arms. Anyway, I think my chain has bit the dust (pun intended) and I'm gonna try to make it to San Salvador to a dealership before I change over the chain and sprockets, hopefully with some oil it'll make it that far. Hell, if the chain snaps, at least I won't have to struggle taking it off.
But other than that, the bikes seem to be riding fine, we're thinking about calling ourselves the los guapos ciento-dieces. Still the perfect speed to get us where we need to. Mind you, the roads are now hit and miss, going 110 on some of them feels like 55, while others it feel like 200.

(Let's get a theme going)
Speaking of ROADS now, no one tells you how many damn tolls there are, the "cobrar" signs that make you sigh every hour. Combined we spent 230 pesos (we say about 10 X less, 23.00 US with the exchange and the bank rates and 3.00 transaction fees every time you take out money) in tolls, considering thats one day thats a lot of extra moolah not intended. I'm not sure if there are anymore along the way, time will tell. The passing game becomes a bit addictive, with everyone else passing these big trucks "peligroso: doble" (2X normal 18-wheeler size) it pushes you to do the same. Of course, for those who care, we're doing it safe enough, more safe than the 18-wheelers passing each other on corners and whatnot. We followed a fellow from Ohio with an RV for an hour or so, watching him almost kill himself on at least one occasion with his obsessive passing and double speed limit speeds. We felt it was safe following him, because the cops would pick on him first. Also saw a fellow ADV'er with his wife on a beautiful 1200GS. WE're hoping to meet some of these people in some towns we're staying at.

(Let's keep it going)
Speaking of friendly people, the cops are friendly, they dont pull us over for speeding, the military is friendly, and the locals here are pretty friendly too. Some of them shout "Bievenidos a Mejico!" which is a nice surprise. Some people tho look at us with shifrty eyes that tell us "miras los monstruos" (mind my weak spanish its getting there).

Last night's dinner, WAY too expensive, 17.00 per person, we splurged on some burgers and some beers at a true restaurant. Big mistake too, DONT eat burgers until you're used to the foods. For those of you who don't know, my stomach is awesome. If it doens't like what it's eating, its.....instantly flushed. Meaning, no food poisoning, no sickness, and that burger was the first indication so far on the trip. Beer was good tho!

Anddd finally, today we took a walk down the beach (the hotel is on the ocean boulevard for 300 pesos a night! BONUS) and stumbled across the aquarium, the number one attraction in Veracruz. At 90 pesos a pop it wasn't cheap, but after long deliberation, we haven't really seen any attractions, so we took the plunge (going over budget AGAIN today). Anyway, here's some of our adventures from yesterday and today: ENJOY!
Yesterdays breakfast, cheap and super effective, this is what we need for msot of the trip! Fantastico!

That's what my face is saying, really! Fantastico!

The best orange juice you could have, from the orange capital of Mexico, Naranja. Over uno litro por 40 pesos!

Every second of third truck was filled with oranges like this one!

This man carried many! The  most impressive statue besides the Christ Redeemer statue I missed :(

In the U.S., this is where you drive
In Mexico, and most likely all down south from here, this is where you drive, seriously...
The massive fields of orange trees for as far as you can see and them some!

I'm rich BITCH! 1200 pesos, a hundred bucks :( It's weird getting used to it.

The view from our hotel window!

How cool is some Jalapeno sauce with your McMuffin?

The whole beach to ourselves, all we need now is some sun
The lonely moto's cuddling up to each other for protection
Coolest aquarium I've been to so far

Nik is scared of sleeping with the fishes

I welcome the presence of fish my size!

Figured it was a snazzy shot, so look at it and appreciate it damn you!

Told you it was a nice aquarium!

Gracias por las photos amgios de aquarium (omg spanish it getting worse)

Local coral

Just missed the hammerhead over our heads:(

We're watching you!
Watch it

Veracruz is definitely a resort town, there was another audi dealership two blocks down.
Alright, we're camping here tonight, we'll see what happens inthe morning, I think it's gonna rian for a couple days, not really looking forward to that. Will post again with updates!

- Robeeeez


  1. Hey Rob and Nik; Looks and sounds like you guys are having an experience you'll remember for a life time. Tonight is the first time I went onto your blog and I find it extremely well done and very informative, please keep us posted cause this adventure you two are on is a trip that most of us (motorcycle enthusiasts)will always dream about but just never seemed to have the courage or financial sense to ever kick it off. It must be nice to finally get to some warm riding cause it sounds like your biking through the states was cold and nasty, your testicles and assholes must be sore straddling those super high powered, extremely comfortable KLR650's for the last week. All joking aside you two be careful, have fun, watch out for one another, and look out for those upcoming speed bumps. Love you little Bob and can't wait to enjoy your next addition to your blog. Ok Nik we barely know each other but the love is there too.


  2. Hey Rob!

    It's Brandon Khan. I have been following your blog pretty closely. I am glad to see Nik isn't sick anymore. Yo man I would love the jalapeño sauce if they had it at the McDonald's in Canada. The trip is looking amazing so far, the T2i is treating you well I see, the quality is really good. Anyways man enjoy the trip I will comment every now and then. Be Safe you guys.


    Hey Rob! Its Luxey. Just wanted to say Brandon and I have been following your blog and it looks like you guys are having an awesome time! Keep the pictures coming, and be safe.


  3. Hello there Rob..How are you? I was reading your post... you sure made me laugh at 3:23 am here in Canada.. lol! enjoy your trip and always be careful!