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January - March 2011 : A year in the making..

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Luxury at Last!!! - ROB

We founddddddddddd itttt. IT has come at a price, 60.00 tonight, and no rooms tomorrow (there's a giant cruise ship in the bay), but for today it is my paradise. Nik is still feeling like crap, he's been couped up in the room, but I have been out and about exploring San Juan del Sur. A highly highly recommended destination nestled in a cove on the Pacific side direectly south of Isle de Ometepe. Both fascinating spots, but I'm not sure what we're gonna do; whether or not we'll climb a volcano tomorrow and stay on the island in the lake, or find another spot here to rest up, either way I want to stay here one more night. Our hotel, the Gran Oceana, which I read about in the lonely planet book, has a cold refreshing pool, what looks like an awesome breakfast included, internet, A/C, hot shower, laundry, the most secured parking yet, one block from the beach, holy crap, what else could we ask for. OK, there's one thing, a balcony. A lot of the hotels on the beach here have balconies, and that would be ultra cool, but every other place here has no rooms, unless we share a hostel dorm with like eight other beds. No damn thanks, not after last night.

Enddded up we took turns all night waking each other up stumbling around in the dark for toilet paper. The music lasted until 12am, I don't know when I fell asleep but we "laid to rest" at like 8pm. And I guess I double jinxed myself, because a rooster caulked all night...seriously all night. Haha, anyway, the festival can continue, we just need to rest. It was an interesting party though. I also met an awesomly nice couple who'se grandfather owned the hotel we stayed at. They were from California and came down to see the festivals, shout out to your hospitality if you're reading this guys! It was nice to meet you!

So I'll throw up some pics I took of San Juan, I'm gonna try and get Nik to do something, he's definitely missing out.

Right outside hotel, but party, big music, loud DJ

Crazy fireworks right outside the hotel, blocking the street

My new cute buddy from the Diriamba hotel

Our new oasis in San Juan del Sur

Parrots included

A beautifully cold pool to relax in

This ship is gonna make tomorrow busy :(

The villas I wished we rented instead:(

The beach here breaks pretty neatly, watch your stuff, i left the camera on the beach with no one around for 500 feet, went for a quick dip, turned around and some bastard was walking right towards the camera and sat down next to it when I came back....

Our nice hotel!!!

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