Follow the published narration and story of two friends traveling South, through 15 countries and two continents. From Ottawa Canada to Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rob and Nik are set to embark on a journey meant to take a year, to be completed in a mere 2 months.

January - March 2011 : A year in the making..

We promise this blog will not only be awesome to read, but PACKED with info on how to plan your own trip........

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With only two months to complete the trip, we'll be cramming in tons of VIDEOS, PICS and useful and hopefully funny info.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Challenges and Oranges? - Nik

For the last two days after the food poisoning I started getting abdominal pains. It got worse and tonight I had trouble sleeping because of it. So, I called my insurance and went to the general hospital of Veracruz at about 5:30 am. Talked to the doctor and explained to him everything as best as i could in Spanish and hand language. "mi estomago ace malo"  turns out i got an infection due to the food poisoning. I got my prescription at the 24h pharmacy and I'm now taking antibiotics. I am happy its nothing too serious and i couldn't thank the doctor and staff enough for helping me so speedily.

As for the drive down to Veracruz today, It was incredible views. We passed a town that grew oranges... trucks and pick ups and 18 wheelers filled with oranges stacked 15 feet high and orange trees as far as the eye can see. Oranges splattered all over the streets. They even made a huge statue of an orange picker (rob will be posting the pictures). We stopped for a big glass of fresh oj. Best Oj I have ever had!  As for Veracruz, beautiful. We got a hotel\hostel for 300 pesos\night, water front and really neat looking. I'm looking forward to getting better and getting to explore this city and take a dip in the ocean.


  1. Sorry you got sick. Brush your teeth with bottles ater. Feel better and stay safe.
    Enjoy your adventure. Call you mom and future wife.

    great photo and blog keep it up


  2. Who's taking the antibiotics? Confusing posts unless RobeeZ is actually always Rob...
    Get well fast regardless!!! The blog is amazing!
    Take it all in!

  3. Hey Rob and Nik; Looks and sounds like you guys are having an experience you'll remember for a life time. Tonight is the first time I went onto your blog and I find it extremely well done and very informative, please keep us posted cause this adventure you two are on is a trip that most of us (motorcycle enthusiasts)will always dream about but just never seemed to have the courage or financial sense to ever kick it off. It must be nice to finally get to some warm riding cause it sounds like your biking through the states was cold and nasty, your testicles and assholes must be sore straddling those super high powered, extremely comfortable KLR650's for the last week. All joking aside you two be careful, have fun, watch out for one another, and look out for those upcoming speed bumps. Love you little Bob and can't wait to enjoy your next addition to your blog. Ok Nik we barely know each other but the love is there too.

    Jim & Mel